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I grew up eating sicilian food, even when I was living in Torino, my mother’s food was sicilian. But in summer, or over the holiday the real fun began with incredible food at every corner.  And what better way to celebrate my anchestor that bring their food to the land that I call home, the Ozarks. Sicilian street food is the best way to deliver flavors, culture and good time.

Delicious & Gourmet

The recipes come straight from the Mother Land, Sicily, every aspect his curated and every ingredient has been selected to create an incredible experience at every bite. 

The food you won't expect

While arancini have been around the Ozarks, we bring many other options that no one has ever tried, even very sicilian flavors made to be remembered.

Sicilian Desserts for days!

If it does not end with a cannolo or a panzerotto it cannot be called a meal. Indulge in our delicious sweets, close your eyes and you can hear the Mediterranean Sea.

Our staff

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Alessandro De Luca

the sicilian Chef

Alessandro De Luca

The Sicilian Chef

Jennifer Morris


Jennifer Morris

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Daniel Morris

The Bedda Matri Man

Daniel Morris

The "Bedda Matri !" man
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Tradition & Love

I’ve been missing sicilian food for quite some time, every once and a while I cook something, but I can never experience the full blow rosticceria offer. This is my way to take here what i miss from home and share in the best way possible, mixing traditional recipes with my new Country.

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4 Responses

    1. hello Mike!!! Thank you for your comment. We are going to start after Easter, at the beginning we’ll start easy, just in the weekends and as soon as we are sure everything works we’ll add more days during the week.

  1. Trying to pull up a menu for the food truck for tomorrow. We have children and it’s so much easier if we have planned ahead as far as ordering. Can’t find a menu!

  2. I got to try your food today at Mercy. It was delicious!!! I’m so glad I ate from your truck out of the bunch they brought in for Healthcare Week. I can’t wait to find out where else you’ll be so my family can try it to!

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