From Sicily with Love, and a Ton of Flavor

East vs. West battle has long been underway in Sicily. The conflict culminates in arguably Sicily’s most famous street food—Arancino. Or is it Arancina? It depends on where you’re eating this deep-fried, breadcrumb-coated rice snack.

Palermo, in the west of the island, makes arancina into a spherical ball. One version sees the rice stuffed with minced meat, while another is decadently filled with béchamel, ham, peas, or mushrooms. Plus, saffron adds a subtle flavor to this famous bite of Sicilian cuisine. To the east, in Catania, Arancino is shaped in pizzo or more of a triangular shape reminiscent of Mount Etna. Meat is also a popular arancino filling in Catania, as is béchamel, butter, and ham. However, the jury is still unsure whether the masculine Arancino or feminine arancina is the proper name for this Sicilian street food classic.

arancino a punta

Arancino Zio Franco


The Classic! With a delicious meat sauce

arancino rotondo

Arancino Nonna Anna


With Beschamel sauce and sauteed spinach


Arancino Nonna Grazia


With beschamel sauce, butter and ham.



Amongst the street food stalls in Catania, you’ll encounter enticing aromas of sizzling onions thanks to cipollina. The cipollina is made with sautéed onions, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and ham in a crispy, flaky puff pastry crust.


Mozzarella in Carrozza


This sicilian snack is essentially a mozzarella stick in sandwich form: Mozzarella cheese tucked inside plush bread, crusted with bread crumbs and fried.

Pizzette Club 84


This is what every sicilian eats, forget about pizza, cornicione, napoletana or thin, this is a specialty on its own. So good that you will need 2 to figure out why its so amazing.

Mozzarella in Vespa


The  Traditional Mozzarella in carrozza gets a twist adding Anchovies: the salty of the fish with the mozzarella gives out an incredible experience. To try, at least once.


Creme Pat or Chocolate


Ricotta or Chocolate


Creme Pat and Amarena


Ci si arricria!

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