Authentic Sicilian Street Food

Sicily stays with you, even if you visit it once those vivid colors, the scent of zagara and oregano, the sound of the ocean, the rough profile of those walls that have been up form thousands of year become part of you. But you will crave the food more than anything else, it will be an ache that will not stop until you eat there again and again.

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Bedda Matri!

“Bedda Matri” is a Sicilian phrase that literally translates to “beautiful mother”. It’s used as an exclamation to express surprise, wonder, or amazement, similar to how English speakers might say “Wow!” or “Holy cow!” Usually you say it after taking the first bite out of an Arancino. 


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We selected the best Sicilian Street Foods and brought with us to Springfield. Arancini, Cipolline, Cartocciate and Mozzarella in Carrozza will become famous in the Ozarks.

Arancino Zio Franco

My uncle ate for more than 90 years meat sauce, his wife made it for 65 years. We put that meat sauce inside a fried rice ball for an explosion of flavors



Enriched puff pastry with a delightful heart of sauteed onions, tomato sauce, ham and provolone… How can you stop at only one?

$ 6.00

Mozzarella in Carrozza

‘Mozzarella in a carriage’, is the Sicilian fried cheese sandwich. It is prepared by coating a mozzarella cheese sandwich in egg and flour, and frying it.

$ 6.00


Why Sicilian Food?

My whole family was born there, my immediate family lives in Belpasso, CT and I spent many summers and holidays in Sicily, since I was 4 months old. Every single family gathering, every evening when you wanted something different, or just for a fast lunch these Sicilian street foods were always present. Now it’s time to give back, to give to this masterpieces the place they deserve, in the hearth of the Springfield. Offering these fantastic foods is my love declaration to the Ozarks. 


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What We Offer

It’s a small food truck with a big heart! Sicilian food is about filling every sense and make you fell one with the happiest things in life.If you like to have these treat for an event, reach out to us and we’ll find the best options for you. And if you want a special arancino to make your party extra special, we can offer you many options!